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  • i always feel horny anytime my boyfriends brother is around, i dont have any feelings for him because he is wild and rough but there is something about him that turns me on.



  • I don't know how strange this may sound, but i bed wetted sometimes in highschool, even sometimes when i sleep over for night class, the strange thing was that i was 18 by that time and i had a girlfriend.



  • I eat too much and its giving me a cause for concern, this morning had 5 wraps of fufu, ate a bowl beans later by 11pm, currently its 1pm, i still feel hungry.


    Akumgba,ondo state

  • Hey confessionsNg! here's my little secret, i had sex for the first time when i was 16 and it was with my mathematics teacher in secondary school, i wasn't forced i wanted him to do it.



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